Upcoming/Recent Film Festivals


10.01.09 - Tacoma Film Festival, Tacoma, WA

10.15.09 - The Gig Harbor Film Festival, Gig Harbor, WA

10.21-24.09 - CINE International Film Festival, Missoula, MT


11.01.09 – VisionMaker Film Festival, Lincoln, NE

11.05.09 – VisionMaker Film Festival, Lincoln, NE

11.07.09 – American Indian Film Festival at Bellevue Community College, Bellevue, WA

11.09.09 - American Indian Film Festival at the American Indian Film Institute, San Francisco, CA

11.13.09 – Blue November Film Fest, Seattle, WA

Upcoming/Recent Community Screenings


11.18.09 - Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

11.19.09 – McChord Air Force Base Native American Showcase

Host A Screening

Grassroots and community screenings can be scheduled in North America. For screenings outside of North America there is no date restriction at this time. Please visit the media and press sections of the website for updated information or the gallery to view stills from the film.


The formats we have available are NTSC DVD (for North America) or PAL DVD (outside North America). We do not have a 35mm film print. If you have a small venue, it is possible to do multiple screenings. The film is 60 minutes long, with subtitles available in English, French, Spanish, and Dutch upon request. These DVDs are for screening purposes only and are not for sale. They must be returned immediately after the event.


The film can only be viewed for a sliding scale screening fee, but you can set your own ticket prices or collect donations to cover your expenses or to raise funds for a non-profit. The screening rates are based on an audience of approx 100 people:
U.S. DVD Format: $200-500
Canada DVD: $225-550
For Outside North America:
PAL DVD: $300 US Dollars (Does your country use PAL?)
*Please note these rates are based on venues with approx 100 seats or less. Screening fees will be adjusted for larger venues. Once you know the size of your venue, please let us know and we can give you a screening fee. Screening fee can be paid by check or with credit card via However, for paypal there is an extra $10 processing fee. Please contact us at nativelens(at) for tribal or indigenous venue questions.

The filmmakers are available for speaking and presentations in conjunction with screenings. Please contact us atnativelens(at)mac.comfor more information.

The concept is that these advance screenings would be one-night-only events followed by Q & A or panel discussion after the screening if you choose. Since the film may have a very limited theatrical run, we’d like to give other cities the opportunity to screen the film as a community event to promote awareness of the issues around environmental pollution especially as it effects Native and indigenous populations. We also encourage youth media groups to participate in growing the awareness of digital media and young people. These grassroots screenings should be advertised to the public as a “Special Benefit Screening” or “Sneak Preview” or “Private Screening.” Local press is more than welcome!


In order to host a screening, contact us at nativelens(at) with an outline of your proposed venue, city, date and format. After we receive your proposal, we will send you a simple screening contract and coordinate the shipping for your screening copy. We also provide a poster, flyer, press notes, still images, web graphics, and post your screening information on our website to help with your promotions.